Hello, Fremont!
Hello, Fremont!

We are thrilled to announce that This Place now has a brand new Seattle address! You can find us in Fremont at 837 N 34th Street, Suite 350.

Since our first US location opened in Factoria in April of 2016, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing a building—and an office—with our very first Seattle client, T-Mobile.  

We originally co-located to demonstrate the power of this collaborative approach. And it worked. We were able to build great products in service to our clients. Being present enough to build tight relationships at every level of their organization allowed us to focus deeply on understanding their business. We also provided a place for multidisciplinary client teams to test out agile ways of working, a model that helped pave the way for the continued updates and improvements to their campus that are happening every day.

We’ll certainly miss our old location, though we’re also thrilled by the opportunities our new space gives us. Why?

  1. Talent:  We pride ourselves on finding the best, smartest, and most creative people to join our team. In return, we want to build for them a physical space that enables and inspires their best work. That means carefully designing and curating our new office not to be like a typical agency (with an in-office slide and a kegerator), but rather to support different methods of working, with extensive space to think and design, wrapped in a beautiful interior with lots of light.  
  2. Location: The new space in the heart of Fremont puts us within easy walking distance of more restaurants and bars than we can count. And with a central location, it’s easy to get to any other neighborhood in Seattle and the bridges that connect us to the east side.  
  3. Community: Fremont is presently called the Center of the Universe, but we like to think of it as a funky, artsy neighborhood with a long and interesting history. We’re not the only ones to see the magic of Fremont—our neighbors are companies like Google, Adobe, Tableau, Geocaching, and The Allen Institute for Brain Science. We’re honored to share a building with a few of those! We’re all huge advocates for the arts and this community, and we’re excited that our office location can further that commitment.

It’s been an exciting few years for all of us at This Place and we look forward to what’s to come. We’re still working on some finishing touches to our new space in time for our Office Warming on October 4th. We’d love to see you there!  

by Genevieve Priebe, Managing Director, This Place Seattle 

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