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First In Mind Controlled Tech


MindRDR is the world's first platform that facilitates the use of mind controlled interface on android devices

Identifying the problem

When we used wearable devices, such as Google Glass, we were acutely aware of the high level of dexterity needed to operate the system. We were convinced there was a better, more intuitive way to use these new devices. So we set about connecting an EEG device to Google Glass to see if we could harness brain activity as a controller.

Global reach

The MindRDR project captured the world's imagination and it was featured on over 300 news outlets worldwide. We open sourced the codebase of MindRDR to allow other developers to to create their own MindRDR projects, currently there are 150 individual projects around the world.

Helping those with disability

MindRDR has proven to be an extremely empowering tool for people suffering from conditions that affect their motor control, such as quadriplegia or locked-in syndrome. It has allowed them to interact more fully in an increasingly digital world, by allowing them to take photos and socialise them on Twitter and Facebook.

Future plans

We are continuing to develop the MindRDR project to better understand the future of usability. We are looking to work with individuals or organisations interested in the tech in order to push the project into the mainstream. If you are interested in learning more about MindRDR or Innovation at This Place, please contact us.

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